Get More Mobile Website Bookings with AMP

Google has announced that its algorithm is going “Mobile First”.  That means Google will rank your site based on the mobile rather than desktop version.   

Now, your Website's mobile content, speed and usability will matter more than ever.  That's why Innkeeper's Advantage has developed the fastest and most complete mobile site available to B&B's.  It is not only responsive but also AMP enabled.   AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) was developed by Google in 2016 in partnership with Twitter and several news organizations to address the speed and usability issues of traditional responsive sites.  Now companies like Airbnb and Ebay, along with 25 million other domains, have adopted AMP as part of their platforms.

Innkeeper's Advantage launched its AMP Website and booking engine in April of 2016. Our mobile sites have been extensively tested for speed, usability and reliabiliy.   Based on our proven track record, we can now say with confidence that our customers are experiencing increased Web traffic, better engagement and more bookings since using our AMP Websites.

More people are using their mobile phone to find lodging, check availability and book reservations than ever before.  Your new mobile site can be very fast, complete and user friendly.

Innkeeper's Advantage Mobile Website Features

  • Sites load in less than 1 second compared to traditional responsive which loads in 3 to 9 seconds.
  • Colors, branding and detailed graphics are displyed on mobile and tablet version just like the desktop. 
  • AMP sites have 100% of the content from your desktop site displayed on the smartphone or tablet.
  • With one click of the Save button, 100% of your content and your changes are made on all devices in real time: desktop, tablet or smart phone.
  • Your URL is the same on the desktop, mobile and tablet.  There are no "/m" or ".amp" indicators on our AMP sites.
  • You control your content. Your site is hosted with us and then passed to Google for caching.  The cached version helps to make it fast and reflects your content. 

Learn more about AMP or schedule a free demo of Innkeeper's Advantage (Website and Booking Engine in one) or Book It Now (Booking Engine Only).

Read what Google has to say about AMP.

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