Reservation Software & Guest Management

Complete Reservation Software

Your Website can be a complete Internet marketing control center that provides today's guests with the visual appeal and online booking tools they expect and even demand in today's competitive travel marketing environment.

Innkeeper's Advantage® is an integrated Website and online reservation system designed to make it easier for guests to book your bed and breakfast room or vacation rental directly from every page of your Website. There is no commission for reservations booked through Innkeeper's Advantage or Book It Now (our online reservation system only product). All our modules are seamlessly integrated so there's no additional software to buy and no extra steps for a complete set of information. With one click of the Save button, 100% of your website content is diplayed on all devices in real time: desktop, tablet or smart phone.

Convenient Booking Means More Reservations

Innkeeper's Advantage is an integrated system that lets your guests book from every page of your Web site or on their mobile phone. They can easily book multiple rooms, order add-ons, specials and packages in one click.

connect to OTA's

Complete Channel Management

Connect Directly to, Expedia, TripAdvisor & AirBNB. We also offer complete GDS Services if you need it.  No worry about double bookings.  The system automatically keeps all your calendars in sync and even enters the OTA reservations for you.

Supercharge Occupancy with Your Own Coupons

Offering online or emailed coupons or is a great way to market your business and build guest loyalty, especially in non-peak seasons. The Innkeeper’s Advantage system has been designed to allow your guests to redeem coupons or gift certificates online in real time with NO COMMISSIONS. Innkeeper's Advantage coupons are extremely flexible and customizable.  You can create a wide variety of guest discounts and BOGO's.

Affordable Online Credit Card Processing that Remembers

After breakfast, ask your guests to come back again... instead of asking for their credit card AGAIN. Our PCI compliant credit card processing is safe and secure.  With our online merchant processing interface, the credit card number only has to be entered once and the system stores it to be charged again later with just a few clicks.  You can also choose to process off-line.

Guest Management Integrated to the Reservation System

Sometimes we all need a little help remembering.  Innkeeper’s Advantage keeps all the important details of your past guest stays.  Keep track of your guest names including spouses, relationship to other guests, interests, secondary emails or phone numbers as well as special notes such as birthdays and anniversaries. All guest details are searchable by name, reservation or by entering a term in the search box.

Drag & Drop calendar

Drag and Drop Reservation Calendar

Change rooms or length of stay with our drag and drop calendar.  The system recalculates the charges and balance due automatically.

Yield Management

The Most Extensive Rate, Availability and Yield Management Available

Whether your rates are simple or complex, you can get the easiest and most extensive B&B rate management available.  Get unlimited rate schedules, minimum and maximum nights, check-in restrictions and rules based yield management.

To renew or not to renew? That is the question ....
Answered by Innkeeper's Advantage Analytics

Ever wonder exactly where your bookings come from?  Precision analytics will help you decide where to spend your marketing dollars. View live analytics that track booking sources and revenue generated. Our robust analytics reveals the source of your guest bookings from search engines, associations, OTA's or travel directories. Just click through your control panel and see it all.  In addition to custom analytics, both the Website and online reservation system supports Google Analytics Ecommerce.

If You Hate Tax Time, You will Love Innkeeper's Advantage

Innkeeper’s Advantage is designed to provide you with the flexibility to generate numerous types of reports that you need to manage your business.  Generate your custom tax report with one click.  Even AirBNB tazes are charged and calculated with ease.

Need to Slice and Dice Your Data?

You can securely download your reservation and guest information anytime day or night.

Save Time with Auto-responses

Send email or text messages that even recognizes return guests automatically. No need to manually generate those routine email communications.   Both you and your guests get email or text messages to instantly confirm the reservation, remind them of their stay in advance, thank them and ask for a review or confirm cancellation.  The customized logo and content provide a more branded and personal touch.

The Gift Shop is always Open

There’s more to Innkeeper’s Advantage than just booking rooms.  The gift shop module enables you to sell gift certificates online. Recipients can also redeem them online or when they arrive. Provide your guests with the opportunity to purchase gift certificates for friends and family as well as your bed and breakfast branded merchandise, mugs, sheets and robes.

Book a room Anytime or Anywhere with AMP

Innkeeper’s Advantage offers the Google specified Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for smartphone.  Potential guests can find you and book quickly and conveniently using their smartphone or tablet. Update 100% of your content with a single click on the smartphone, tablet or desktop. Each devices carries the same colorful branded responsive design. 

We Care About Your Business - When you look good, we look good!

Our software is reliable, easy to use and fully featured.  Innkeepers get free hands-on training and ongoing courteous, knowledgeable, prompt customer support.  We are there when you need help.  Our support is the best in the business.

Note: If you already have a great Website and just want the reservation system, then learn about
Book It Now.