Creating a Coronavirus Statement for your B&B Website

The Coronavirus can present unexpected business challenges for your B&B.  Guests may cancel their current reservations and it could be difficult to replace those reservations soon. To improve your chance of success, it is important to communicate preventative measures and create special cancellation policies for your guests. 

Preventative Measures

Some guests are willing to accept a small amount of risk to continue with life as usual. For them, it is important to be upfront about the risks at your location.  Disclose the rate of infection in your area and explain the measures you have taken to mitigate the risk of exposure to COVID 19 at your property.

Special Cancellation Policies

You must respect the guest's decision to cancel. Sometimes fear is the driving force, but often canceled events or mandatory quarantine are the reason.  Once a guest has decided to cancel, don't make it difficult for them to say "yes" to a future stay with you. Liberal cancellation policies are evidence of your empathy and spirit of hospitality. 

The following example is meant to get you started. It should not be copied verbatim.  You are responsible for creating a statement that is appropriate for your location, B&B and policies.



(Property Name) is licensed and inspected to assure the highest standards of cleanliness and safety for guests.  Our professional innkeeping staff is taking these additional precautions to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID19 pathogens.

Preventative Measures

There have been (no cases or x cases) of Coronavirus 2019 (CORVID 19) reported in our area. Here are some additional steps we are taking to prevent exposure. Our small size also helps to further limit the risk of exposure since there are no crowds.

From (Date) to (Date)

  • Breakfasts will be served..... (“delivered to your room” or “you may sit at a private table in our dining room”).
  • Condiments like salt, pepper, sugar, etc.. will be individually wrapped to avoid handling bottles.
  • Our staff will wear masks and servers will wear protective vinyl gloves.
  • Employees are required to wash their hands continuously throughout the day.
  • Sick employees will not be allowed to report to work
  • Shared surfaces such as door handles, railings, furniture, fixtures, remote controls, light switches and trash cans are disinfected (daily, Hourly, etc..)
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in common areas

Guest Responsibility

The State of XX is requiring all guests to wear masks in public spaces of the inn. Guests should also practice social distancing. 

Special Cancellation Policy

  • If you are sick or concerned about being exposed to the virus, please call us at (000-000-0000) to cancel your reservation. 
  • Deposit taken for canceled stays from (Date) To (Date) will be fully refunded or you can choose to rebook your stay for a future date.

Thank you for booking with us.  We hope to see you on a future stay.