Introducing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for B&B Marketing

Think about all of the situations in which your guests may find themselves looking for a place to stay: in an airport, from the backseat of the family car, on the train—what all these locations have in common is that your future guests will be searching from a phone or mobile device.  That is why it is important that B&B owners like yourself understand the value of Google supported Accelerated Mobile Pages, or "AMP."

AMP makes web pages viewed on mobile devices faster.  Much faster.  Pages that implement AMP load in less than 1 second on mobile devices.  That 1-second threshold matters.  A study conducted by the online marketing firm Portent found that websites with average load times lower than 1 second generated more than twice the revenue of sites with typical load times of even just slightly more than 1 second.  And when The Washington Post implemented Google AMP, they experienced a 23% increase in the number of search users who returned to within a week of their first Google search.  Relying on AMP, then, can directly improve your B&B's bottom line.

What Is AMP?
AMP is a set of technical restrictions that guarantee your web pages load quickly, graphics scroll smoothly, and websites feel as responsive as possible.  For example, AMP compatible sites must prioritize fast loading content (like text and simple images) over slow loading content (like Javascript files and large images). AMP websites are, furthermore, completely banned from using HTML tags that slow page loading down the most (tags like object and applet).  As a result of these constraints, sites that rely on Google AMP eliminate the frustration that users can feel when loading web pages on their mobile devices.  In turn, this leads users to feel more positively about any content they find, including a listing for your B&B.

The Value of AMP
Why ensure AMP has been implemented on your B&B website?

  • AMP is compatible with all major browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.  
  • Your web pages load quickly, graphics scroll smoothly and your website visitors enjoy a more engaging and speedy experience.
  • AMP can be incorporated into virtually all of the internet platforms most commonly used by businesses, including all of the mainstream Ad, CMS, Content, and Analytics platforms.  
  • Google is still working to expand the range of internet technologies that are compatible with AMP, and this means that the value of Google AMP to businesses will only increase over time.  
  • AMP websites will soon be upranked in Google search rankings, which means that Google users will be far more likely to visit your B&B's website if AMP has been implemented.

Innkeeper's Advantage ensures that the power of AMP is used to prompt more guests to stay at your B&B.  That is one reason of the many reasons why InnKeeper's Advantage should be the partner of choice for your B&B business.

Cindy Bachmann
Innkeeper's Advantage

At Innkeeper’s Advantage we offer AMP as part of our  technology suite for B&B’s.  Do you want to get more “lookers” that become “bookers”? Click the button below and schedule a demo of Innkeeper’s Advantage to see how it can work for you!