AirBNB & Innkeeper's Advantage are Now Fully Connected

As of December 15, 2017, both Innkeeper's Advantage Websites and our stand-alone booking engine product, Book it Now, offer a 2-way connection to Airbnb for your property.  That means your Airbnb calendar and booking engine calendar are automatically synchronized.  If you have other OTA connections, they are also synchronized to Airbnb and to your Website automatically.   The reservations come directly into your booking engine with no manual entry and the taxes are calculated properly regardless of your location.  This is a real win-win for our customers.

The Airbnb setup is handled via the Innkeeper's Advantage Control Panel so that images, text and pricing are all uploaded to your Airbnb account.  It is fast and easy to create the account and approval can be done in just a few hours provided that you already have a Book it Now or Innkeeper's Advantage account and meet Airbnb's image size requirements.  

We also offer the best price on OTA connections in the B&B industry.  To take advantage of this technology, just call us at 724-933-3330.  We will explain it to you in plain English and help you get started.