Monitor Guest Reviews and External Links Instantly

You can create a Google Notification account which will trigger an automatic email when new links to your B&B or reviews about your B&B are posted anywhere on the Internet. First you must establish a Google account. After establishing an account, sign up for Google Alerts and identify both your B&B's name and Web address as search terms to be monitored.

Guest Reviews

Trip Advisor is one of the most powerful travel sites on the internet, but there are many other places where people may be talking about you online. Know immediately what others are saying about your B&B and react positively when a bad review is posted. Many people will avoid a direct in person conflict but are more than willing to issue their complaints from the comfort of their own keyboard. One bad review out of many good reviews may not ruin you, but if you hear the same complaint from two or more people, you can immediately address the issue on your Website and take care of any real problems that have not been reported to you directly.

Links to "Bad Neighborhoods"

Also be aware that sometimes “bad neighborhood” sites such as adult sites and link farms might add a link from their site to yours.  These links can damage your search ranking.  If you find that a bad neighborhood site has linked to your site, you can request to be removed immediately or report the problem to the search engines for resolution provided that you know about it. The sooner you find such links, the better for your site.