Is Your Internet Attitude Attracting New Guests?

Often a guest's first impression comes from the Internet so it's important to have a Web site that is as clean, interesting and comfortable as your inn.

Successfully marketing a bed and breakfast experience means selling travelers on your unique accommodations, your services, your location and you.

Does Your B&B Look Like a Winner?

It's a fact that people are attracted to those who are confident and successful. One obvious way to portray success is a professional, uncluttered Web site that is easy for guests to navigate. Features like great pictures, logical organization, online booking, easy to find phone numbers, address and directions shows that you have your act together. If your Web site looks like an afterthought or it hasn't been updated since 2001, it tells the public you can't manage your business and you don't really care what they think.

Part of portraying a successful and well run business is attention to detail. When your Christmas specials are over, you must be able to take them off your Web site promptly. Make sure all your B&B directory listings are accurate and match your Web site. If you update your rooms, update the images on both your Web site and on your B&B directories.

Confidence Attracts Guests

A confident attitude assures guests that they will enjoy meeting you and staying at your B&B. The "About" page on your Web site, helps prospective guests gain a comfort level with you. Tell a little bit about yourself but don't make up an unbelievable and sensational story. A few personal details (not too personal) can help people relate to you. If you collect antique cars, for example, some people will really relate to that.

If you are insecure about certain aspects of yourself, don't hide. By revealing your personality with just a hint of imperfection, you appear to be both confident and genuine. Also remember that social networking is seen by everyone and not just your friends. Don't say anything on Facebook or Twitter that you don't want your prospective guests to see.

Gain Trust with Genuine Content

Show lots of both professional and candid pictures.  Candid shots on review sites or galleries helps to ensure that the inn really looks like the professional shots.   Avoid surprising guests with details that some find bothersome. A bad surprise experience can turn into a bad online review. For example, if you have cats everywhere, show a cat picture on your Web site to remind the allergic guest to ask about the cats before booking with you. Make sure your Web content matches the facts presented in online guest reviews. If your Web site says you have a full gourmet breakfast every morning and the guests report a continental breakfast, the "red flag" goes up for Internet travel searchers. Make sure your Web site, directory listings, Facebook, Twitter and videos all tell the same true and accurate story.