Advantages of an Email List Manager

Email list management programs such as Constant Contact and our Innkeeper's Email Advantage list manager perform several important functions that email programs like Outlook cannot perform.

  1. An email marketing management program ensures that each subscriber's email address only appears once in the list. This prevents innkeeper's from accidentally bombarding guests with more than one copy of the same email.
  2. Guests can be assigned to various mailing lists based on the guest's interests. For example, you might send some of your guests a newsletter highlighting a local summer blues festival while others will receive an email about the upcoming ski season. Still others may be interested in both. The email list manager stores each email address in one or more lists so that you can tailor your message to the most interested guests.
  3. Most list managers provide the ability to personalize email campaigns by inserting variables such as the recipeint's name in the text of the email.
  4. Email marketing management tools provide guests with the ability to opt-in or opt-out of your mailing list. Since subscribing is optional, you don't need to worry about your newsletter looking like spam. Always include an unsubscribe link in the contents of your email as well as on your Website.
  5. Email bounce is when the email is rejected because of an invalid email address. The program will notify you when an email address is invaid because of a misspelling, abandonment or other reasons. By correcting or deleting these bad addresses, you will have an accurate accounting of the guests you are actually keeping in touch with via email marketing.
  6. Email managers can also enable you to know who has opened your email and who has not.  If most people are not opening your email, then you should consider revising your email subject line to be more enticing.

The style or template you use should look similar to your website so that each email has a branded look and feel. We can design your Innkeeper's Email to look like your Website.  We also integrate your email address collection process with your guest booking system so there is no need to import or manage your guest information manually.  Each guest email is in Innkeeper's Email.